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L / 26 / Kvinna
Momo B. Fully / 30 / Man
I am a Liberian from west Africa looking for friends in any part of the world who are interested in friendship as well
Tem / 25 / Kvinna
Hello I am still setting this up! I want to learn Japanese!
hasina / 25 / Kvinna
i will tell you later,i will tell you later,i will tell you later,i will tell you later,i will tell you later,
Didem / 26 / Kvinna
Hii my name is didem. I am 26 years old and work as an assistant in a public institution. Im here to be a penpal and a good friend. İ live in Turkey and i want to learn chinese
마리 / 16 / Kvinna
始めまして,日本語の勉強中なので、日本人の友達を探しています。私は大韓民国の女子中学生です.日本文化に関心が多く、大人になった時には日本に住む予定です。ラインも出来ます。年齢、性別、職業に関係なく良い友達を作りたいです!ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 私たち友達しましょう!
tsune / 46 / Man
Hello everyone, My name is tsune. I'm 46 years old. I had read japanese history novel and played badminton,shogi,but I don't have done those. I like learning English to be able to read news or medical papers in Engli
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