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non / 47 / Kadın
Hi,I’m non.I live in Japan.I would like to learn English. Actually,I had studied abroad just 6 month in UK 7 years ago,so I fogot English already. I hope practice English. Wising friends the same generation.
HIDETOSHI / 34 / Erkek
Richard / 65 / Erkek
Birleşik Devletler
Wants to email/e-palling with females, ask for good photos came out well, No Males, got nice length in ruler.
강하늘 / 26 / Kadın
열심이 생활하고 성실하며 좋은인연만들고 싶아ㅓ요
kim / 32 / Kadın
Hi everyone here.I'm Kim and i would like to make friends and also travel around the world. I like swimming, Traveling, Hiking, dancing and driving down town for a joy ride.
中野佳子 / 26 / Kadın
성실하고 열심이 생활합니다 여러나라 알고 싶고 좋은인연 이기를 원합니다
ナオアキ / 28 / Erkek
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