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Hailey / 16 / жін.
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Hi I'm Hailey Pauling I'm 16 years old I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm a straight A student. I Love basketball,Soccer,Cheer,Dance,volleyball,Dogs,cats,and BABIES I want a baby one day. My favorite football teams are
c-c- / 18 / жін.
你好捏,目前是大学生在读,我想进一步提升我的外语能力以及交到朋友,目前感兴趣的外语是日语,英语,当然其他语言我也想要了解,我也可以帮助你学习中文,可以基础英语交流,日语已学会片假名平假名的五十音,请和我聊天吧♥(。→v←。)♥ Hello! Currently, I am a university student looking to enhance my language skills and make new friends. I
joo kook / 62 / чол.
I became interested in foreign languages because I liked overseas since I was young. I am waiting for my friend abroad I hope we can visit each other's country and travel I'm just happy to have a friend abroad I guide m
Mizuki / 19 / жін.
Hi I‘m 19 years old. I‘m starting to work from this year.   I want to learning to English, German and Chinese. (I‘m learning now) I want to interact with various people and get along with them.
クマテツ / 18 / чол.
Hi! I am Japanese high school student I want to make grobal friends I can exchange my twitter or Instagram! Please tlak to me!!
MOTOHARU / 32 / чол.
hello everyone! My name is Motoharu. I live near Osaka, Japan. I'm interested in foreign countries and like foreign cultures, so I'd like to visit many different countries someday. I can write Japanese, but my Eng
Jason Avery / 51 / чол.
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I am an open minded man with a big heart, caring for all. I prefer a private message Compliments of the season
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