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Kei / 30 / Male
I'm from the Philippines. I'm Japanese half Philippines. I live in Hiroshima,Japan. There are many foreigners in Hiroshima. However, I do not get a chance to speak much English so it is not very good. I want to speak E
Nastya / 33 / Female
My name is Nastya, I am 33 years old ... I am in search of new acquaintances and people that will help me learn the language. This is very difficult to do alone. I am alone now.
Mamiko / 67 / Female
*I want to learn English and make many Friends     私は英語を学びたい。そしてたくさんの友人を作りたい。❣️ *My family is a husband.daughter.grandchild and a family four    私の家族は、夫、娘、孫、の4人家族です。👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 **Hove fun and be friends with your
charles / 59 / Male
Hello  My name is Mr.Charles Jackson ,from Albany Georgia USA , 59 years old . I work in building construction Atlanta Georgia USA.
tosi / 51 / Male
Hi everyone,I want to improv English,Russian,Chinese. and I want to make many friends. I can teach you japanese and Japan cluture.
Morris / 19 / Male
Hola soy un chico peruano, que necesita ayuda para aprender ingles, me gustaria conocer a alguien que pudiera ayudar yo podria ayudarles con su español si tienen algun problema. Ademas, puedo escuchar lo que deseen.
ivana4real / 50 / Female
Kindnesses in your heart will guide you to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges, all obstacles, and love. Never give up, always have faith in God and you will gain the greatest gift from God, the gi
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