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Eddy / 57 / Male
Hello こんにちは、 I am working and living in central Tokyo. I am looking for a Japanese woman to have good communication and meeting up sometimes. 言語交換もオッケーです。 よろしくお願いします
MAY / 57 / Female
I'm looking for a nice pen pal. My hope is a single person who is kind, honest, serious, has a sense of humor, has hobbies, and can cook. I like English but I'm not good at it. For long sentences, I use a translat
jppkl00 / 21 / Male
am learning how to speak and read English, so if you want to teach me I will be happy to do my best to teach you Japanese. I love sending letters, exchanging gifts, and sending emails. If you want to email me rather th
남난희만학도 / 50 / Female
제 친구를 소개합니다. 그녀는남난희 입니다, 여성이구요 별명은 노처녀 히스테리 입니다. 내친구는 성격이 자주 변해서 감당못하여 남친을 만들면 혹시나 소개합니다 1:1 있을땐 다정한 그녀 어럿이 있을때 괴롭히는 기질이 있어요 왜냐구요? 누구나 사람들은 자기만 바라보고 좋아해주고 나하고만 놀기를 원하며 꼭 자신만 차지하고 싶은 욕심은 누구나 있어요아기들처럼 가끔은 울기도하고 그것말곤사람이든없든
Yunu450MHz / 19 / Male
学生です。 普段は学校にいるので返信が遅れます。絵を描いたりゲームをしたり、音楽を作ったりいろいろしています。ミリタリー系は好きなのでそういうのが好きな同志はよろしくお願いします。 I am a student. I am usually at school so my reply will be delayed. I draw pictures, play games, make music, and do other thin
Liam / 18 / Male
United States
I am Liam and I work mostly building and construction, I had knee surgery and spend time alone. I need some friends some one to talk to I hope you get to know me better
Tenma / 31 / Male
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