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WAKO / 55 / Male
Hi there! I'm a 55-year-old male. I live in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. I want to get to know somebody from all over the world because it's very useful for understanding overseas cultures. I welcome a lot of pen pals any
Serenity / 14 / Female
United States
what's up my name is Serenity nickname sensi, I am from America and my Hobbies are drawing, dancing, and singing.i am 14 years old (15, Korean age)languages that I'm learning is Korean and chinese. I enjoy making new fri
park.soonhee / 33 / Female
안뇽하셈 책읽기.문학.소설을 좋아해염좋아하는색ㅋ갈 핫핑크 좋아하는연예인 bts 관심이 많은친구들 저에게 메일을보내주세요 새로운친구를사귀는걸좋아하고naver카페 친구사귀기 들어가서 가끔씩 봅니다 저는가족은 오빠4명 언니3명 부모님그리고 저는막내입니다서울 강남에살아요고등학교까지나왔어요
Wool / 17 / Female
Hello, everyone. I am a beautiful, lovely and generous girl. I hope to meet you who are smart and lovely. Thanks
Melon / 18 / Female
Calm, friendly and highly optimistic.... Let's be friends
Taka / 50 / Male
Nice to meet you, I am a firefighter living in Japan. I am looking for friends because I want to be able to have a simple English conversation. Similarly, if you are currently studying Japanese, why don't you teach eac
etu / 50 / Male
i'll hope that i communicate a penpal friend by English all over the world
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