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koyuki / 15 / Female
Nice meet you. My name is Koyuki. I would like to have teenager penpals!! Feel free to contact me !
ななし / 20 / Male
こんにちは 海外のオタク友達が欲しいです。 とりあえず話せばわかると思います。
Kim Jeong Sook / 34 / Female
Hello My name is Jeongsook Kim from Korea I want to meet world friends and exchange culture Everyone is welcome
Miku / 23 / Female
Hi! I'm Miku I'm from Japan. I want to make friend from Taiwan, U.S.A, Russia etc.... I'm Bellydancer. I love cooking , bellydance,
AIce / 42 / Female
Hello! Bon jour! I am a House wife in Japan ! I am interested in visit Europe one day^^ after this scary situation around the world 💧 I am teaching English for kids! I have never taught Japanese anyone ・・・but
Chris / 35 / Male
United Kingdom
I'm Chris from UK, I'm 35. I like to draw and paint. Similar interests are nice, but I don't really mind if you like different things. I Like mostly old rock bands. I don't really care how old you are too. I have social
mimo / 17 / Female
hi I'm mimo. I speak English and Japanese. Feel free to contact me! こんにちわ・ω・ みもです! 英語と日本語が喋れます! 自由に連絡してください☁
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