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Melon / 18 / Kvinne
Calm, friendly and highly optimistic.... Let's be friends
Taka / 50 / Mann
Nice to meet you, I am a firefighter living in Japan. I am looking for friends because I want to be able to have a simple English conversation. Similarly, if you are currently studying Japanese, why don't you teach eac
etu / 50 / Mann
i'll hope that i communicate a penpal friend by English all over the world
Eri / 26 / Kvinne
How are you doing? I live in Japan . Just recently, I started watching YouTube Rupa sensei. He’s  teach to Japanese people of English .  Watch YouTube and study English slowly^_^ E-mail frequency should be slow an
yuya / 31 / Mann
Hey guys! My name is Yuya from Japan. It's my first time to registrate here. I hope to talk many people. I'm working at trading company in Tokyo. LINE ID →46myk2aj whatsapp →+818058783
赵航 / 22 / Mann
希望能够获得各种各样的朋友。 收到信件会及时回复!
D.melis / 12 / Kvinne
Hi My name is Defne. I am from Turkey Izmir.I exating for meeting for you
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