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Brev søk Resultater : 8061

cait33 / 35 / Kvinne
I am a single female looking for a penpal friendship. I am ready to relocate, I have a loving heart and am a very respectful and kind Woman, I never judge others and am very compassionate, I love to appreciate the little
Kwaku Domfe / 35 / Mann
Am nana Kwaku Domfe from Ghana and lives in Kumasi as Heavy duty Equipment Technician and Drill Rig Technician, love to make friends all over the world sincerity is my prality.
D.TANK / 34 / Mann
영어를 잘 못해요 구글 번역기를 사용해야 되요 그래도 많은 친구를 사귀고 싶어요
akiaki koike / 28 / Kvinne
I am japanese! My name is aki koike. I want to get many mail friends! Please mail me! love
Nawanyaga Maureen / 35 / Kvinne
I love friends to chat and share ideas
Haruka / 25 / Kvinne
大家好!! 我叫Haruka(“遥”),是日本女生的。我住在东京。 在大学学了4年多中文,现在也坚持学中文。可是我的中文不好极了。我的中文比英语好得多,所以不会说英语。请原谅:'(不过我想努力学习英语。想认识各种各样国家的朋友(^^)!! 请你们发给我电邮吧!!;-D Hello everyone, I'm Haruka.Please call me “Haruka”.I live in Tokyo. I ha
hideo shimizu / 56 / Mann
i,m intrested in forein languagues cultures. i studied english spanish parutugues itarian henn i want to tra learn another foreign languegies. i have been to abroad USA canada austraria southkorea china taiwan
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