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Kathleen Pienta / 63 / женский
Соединенные Штаты
i am real, cool, kind, honest, loving and very caring. I love humanitarian work and love to meet people from all walks of life.
mayu / 34 / женский
I want to meet various people regardless of gender. I'm glad if I get to know people across gender and race walls. I want to absorb a lot of things. I want to share a lot of information with you !! I want to tell you
Pops / 39 / мужской
Hi  I would like to study English. Please talk with me
Twilight / 15 / женский
How do you do! I'm Twilight.I am a girl.Jurior high school students,Chinese people, like listeringto music, painting, MCU and playing pipa. amvery interested in English andWestern culture, and want tofind a foreign p
Victor / 20 / мужской
I'm Victor and I'm on here looking for a penpal someone who wouldn't mind the occasional emails/letter just to keep in touch and talk about our lives and just about everything really. So where do I start from? I'm quite
Alechandraa / 40 / женский
I want to meet nice friends
Shiho / 28 / женский
Hello.I'm Shiho. I'm living to japan. I want to study English in mail about daily life. If teach me English, Please send mail.
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