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Переписка поиск Результаты : 7746

Anjar Rahmawati / 19 / женский
I am Anjar, Indonesian I want to share my daily life and culture, feel free to leave a message
Nuno / 38 / мужской
I am Nuno,Portuguese, 38,living and working in the United Kingdom. I have decided to post an advert here, as I am looking for honest genuine, trustworthy people for a great friendship. I enjoy reading books about
Jasper / 16 / мужской
My name is Ahmet I'm 16 I'm from turkey I like football,music,film I'm a friendly person, it's nice to meet new people
Saori / 30 / женский
Hello!  “Bar Hopping with Locals in Zushi” is a brand new meetups to meet new people and make friends through bar hopping town event called ZUSHINOMI.  I’m the organizer of this event.  I’m looking for all Japanese an
Honoka / 24 / женский
Hello.I am Honoka.I am 24 years old. I like ANIME and VOICE ACTORS. I espcially like POKEMON! Let's do POKEMON TALK! I am going to leave Japan and start to stay Germany next spring. So, I am studying English and German
Tomy / 46 / мужской
I am not good at English. So I want to make friends to study English while talking about each other's hobbies. And please teach me English. I can teach you Japanese instead.はじめまして。日本の出版社に勤務しています。早稲田大学教育学部国語国文学科卒、アルバイトも国語
Keita / 24 / мужской
はじめまして。 KEITAです。よろしくお願いします。
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