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山田 / 28 /
英語初心者ですが、カナダ留学を目指しています。 よろしくお願いいたします。 Hello! My name is Yamada. I want to learn English. Please me contact!
sridhar / 20 /
hi i am sridhar from india did you like to contact me you can contact at gmail also i have whats app
MJ / 40 /
Hello. I'm in California. Working in the healthcare industry. Would you be interest in having penpal from oversea? I'm not looking for romance or financial need. Just a simple message exchange about culture and all.
Alice / 13 /
l'm Alice. I stedy Engrrsh.
Antonio Campos / 23 /
Hi, I'm Antonio, I'm a programmer and an university student. I began studying Japanese since 1 year ago and I'm looking for someone who teaches me more and I would like to help you learning English or Spanish. Let's be
Lisa / 17 /
Lisaです。 好きなことは、食べること・歌うこと・おしゃべりすること・絵を描くこと・お芝居すること・寝ることです! 国籍問わず 色々な人と仲良くお話しできたらいいなぁって思ってます!LINEもやってるのでよかったら仲良くしてください!
Hi My name is Gökhan I am from Turkey I live in İstanbul I wantto meeting new friend,I want to discovery people and country I love travel thanks.
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