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İremnur / 15 /
Hi, I'm Irem and i'm Turkish. I'm 15 years old and i'm high school student. I want to learn english. But if you want learn turkish i'll help you. Alsa i'm interesting k-pop and korean culture.
ERI / 30 /
Hi!I’m ERI.I’m 30years old .I live in Japan.I study English and looking for someone teach me English.  初めまして!英語学習のため英語でやり取りしてくれるペンパルを探しています。こちらからは日本語の手助けができるかと思います。仲良くなれたら嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします^_^!
とおる / 46 /
Nice to meet you. My name is "Toru." I like nature. Human beings will do something unexpected. I am not interested in responding via email. Please feel free to be a good friend to write a letter to me. The letter t
Nico01 / 55 /
I am a very nice person and my friends do tell me that but in a way, I know that am nice my hobbies are very simple, I like traveling and also I love arts, drawing is one of the things I like most, at a point in my life
Alexandros / 28 /
Hello everyone.My name is Alexandros, and my intention is to retain and also improve further my English level! I would like to make some new friends all over the world!
bee / 21 /
I am japanese.I want to practice English a lot so I need people who can communicate using English. I am waiting for anyone can use English, also likes anime and manga. of cource I can teach Japanese too. Be mu friend!
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